Still Waters Women’s Retreat

Still Waters Women’s Retreat

“He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul.”
Psalm 23:2-3

Freedom and healing can become your reality. Sexual, emotional, or spiritual abuse can limit and prevent you from living your full potential in Christ. Live the full life that God intends for you, free from the traumas of past hurts and abuse.

Designed to lead women to heal from both the recognizable and hidden effects of abuse, Still Waters Women’s Retreat offers the encouragement and tools that help change existing Patterns of mere survival to a life of healing and restoration.

The retreat features main sessions along with breakout sessions. Opportunities for individual reflection and personal prayer time are also on the schedule.

We invite all who are survivors of abuse and long to be in God’s presence to experience the lasting freedom that comes with healing and restoration. Join us at the next Still Waters Women’s Retreat whether you are already on your way toward healing or have never uttered a word about your abuse. Return home from this retreat, equipped, inspired, and transformed.

Topics of the Still Waters Women’s Retreat are an expansion of A Time To Heal Beyond Survival, by Sue Willis.

For Information on A Time to Heal Beyond Survival CLICK HERE!

For more information on becoming a Host Church in your area or if you are interested in attending one of our Still Waters Women’s Retreats call Sue at 888-868-3603 ext 1 or email

Please take a moment to listen to Emily’s testimony of her experience at an A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Still Waters Women’s Retreat…

Retreat Fees:

Dates & Time:
Location: TBD
Registration Deadlines: TBD
Retreat Cost: $80.00
Lodging & Meals: TBD
Sponsor A Women: TBD
Non-Refundable Deposit: $25.00 (Required to hold spot)
For More Information: Contact Patty at: 888-868-3603 ext 2 or email