Revelation Wellness


Where Faith and Fitness Meet…

Whether you’ve been active your entire life, are just getting started, or if you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting, this opportunity is for you. This is where faith and fitness meet! Come learn how your body moves and how to move better. Discover how movement not only impacts your body, but also your mind, spirit, and relationship with God and others.

In addition to focusing on movement and exercise, we offer a 9-week program based on The Wellness Revelation by Alisa Keeton. This small group forum helps us look at the things in our lives that hold us back, especially if you:

  • Obsess about your body
  • Neglect your body
  • Struggle with emotional eating
  • Fixate over the number on the scale
  • Have apathy toward food

Even if you don’t have issues with food or your weight, but face challenges to your self-worth that keep you from being truly free in Christ, you can still join us. Our mission is to help guide you on your journey to freedom!

For information on the fitness and small group class schedule, please call 888-868-3603 ext. 5 or email 

  • Work-outs are led by a Certified Group Fitness Instructor.
  • Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.                   -3 John 1:2