A Time to Heal Beyond Survival International Ministries


Individual Counseling, Small Group Ministries, Leader Trainings, & Retreats

A Time to Heal Beyond Survival is a ministry to women who are struggling with the after-effects of rape/sexual assault or other issues of abuse. These are small-group forums, outreaches, and retreats with a highly trained team of leaders that deliver a pragmatic and detailed approach to help the participants (no matter the age or stage of the victim) not only overcome the effects of the traumatic events of their past, but also help lead them beyond their individual patterns of mere survival, and direct them to the pathway of restoration and abundant life in Christ Jesus.

Perhaps you or someone you know has been through an abusive trauma. Maybe you have spoken to counselors, been under a doctor’s care, or have never uttered a word about your internal suffering. You may still experience deep fear, relationship, and intimacy issues as well as emotional triggers and tormenting thoughts.

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For Symptoms of Trauma Associated with Rape, Sexual Abuse, or Sex Trafficking CLICK HERE!

For more information contact DeAnne at 888-868-3603 ext.3 or email deanne@beyondsurvivalministries.org

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A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Just For Men

A Time to Heal Beyond Survival offers a small group forum Just for Men which is geared toward the specific issues men face when dealing with the after-effects of abuse.

For more information see the ministry page: CLICK HERE!

To register for a small group, contact DeAnne at 888-868-3603 x3 or email deanne@beyondsurvivalministries.org

A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Leader Training for Men & Women

Leader’s Training for A Time to Heal Beyond Survival are held several times a year in the Pittsburgh area as well as other areas across the region. Sue is also available to come and hold a training in your area upon your invitation. The ATTHBS training materials have been published for your convenience to equip you to minister to the hurting.

If you are interested in purchasing the ATTHBS Leader Training materials, please visit www.suewillislifeministries.com

To hold a training in your area call at 888-868-3603 or email info@beyondsurvivalministries.org

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