A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Just For Men


Small Group Ministry and Leader Training

A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Just for Men is a powerful, 8-week program for men who have suffered from abuse in any way. These are small-group forums with a highly trained team of leaders which deliver a pragmatic and detailed approach each week to help the participants not only overcome the effects of the traumatic events of their abusive past, but also lead them beyond their individual patterns of mere survival, and direct them to the pathway of restoration and abundant life in Christ Jesus.

You either have been or know someone who has been through an abusive trauma. Perhaps you may have spoken to counselors, been under a doctor’s care or have never uttered a word about your abuse, still experience deep fear, relational issues, as well as emotional triggers.

“Therefore if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.” – John 8:36

For Symptoms of Trauma Associated  With Abuse, (Sexual, Physical or Self-Inflicted) CLICK HERE!

Conquer The Battle Within!

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“A Whole Man Is An Authentic Man!

A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Just For Men Leader Training

Leaders’ Training for A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Just for Men are held annually at Beyond Survival Ministries. If you are unable to attend the seminar at our Center, we are also available to come and hold a training in your area upon your invitation. A Time To Heal Beyond Survival Just for Men partners with the local church and Christian Ministry Organizations to train and equip them to minister to abused men in their communities.**

**Our ministry does not endorse independent functioning in A Time To Heal Beyond Survival Just for Men apart from the local churches and/or Christian Ministry Organizations and will not be able to endorse the curriculum outside of this policy.

For more information, contact DeAnne at: 888-868-3603 ext.3, or [email protected]