BSM Workshops and Classes

BSM Workshops and Classes

No matter where you are in life, BSM classes and workshops will equip and help you to grow in your faith, relationships, as well as help you to journey towards health and wholeness.

We offer a variety of classes and workshops, and are always adding new ones for both men and women.

Here are just a few…

  • Redeeming Your Past, Reclaiming Your Future  
  • God Wants You Well  
  • Overcoming Eating Disorders and Other Addictions  
  • Abortion Aftermath, Finding Hope and Healing  
  • Dealing with Depression, Anxiety, and Fear  
  • Codependent No More!  
  • Life Coaching for Cancer Patients  
  • Healing the wounds of Miscarriage

Please check back with us to see when these classes are available.

For More Information Please Contact Shannie at or call 888-868-3603 ext.4